Boneless Roasted Duck

As the main importer of boneless roasted duck from China into Europe, we have become the place to be for duck. Our long term partnerships with the best selected producers in China results in the best quality roasted duck. Our own QA team assures all roasted duck is conforming our high quality standards.


Our assortment includes the most popular brands in the market. The demand for these brands is rising rapidly and gaining popularity among European Asian Foodservice. We are also strong in developing private labels and meeting specific customer requirements. Packaging, ingredients, calibration range, we can meet your every desire to develop the roasted duck that suits you best. Because we keep our own stock, even short term orders can be arranged.

Add some Magic in your kitchen

Recently we have extended our Magic line by creating the brand Magic Duck. Easy to prepare in the kitchen, the duck is already fully cooked, so you can’t go wrong. After its final preparation the skin will be crispy and the meat succulent, but firm with the rich aroma of traditional Chinese seasoning. Convenient and delicious, if that isn’t magic!

Strong distribution in Europe

With customers all over Europe we have a well-established distribution system. Whether you need a full container load or just a pallet of roasted duck, we can manage the whole transportation chain for you.

Recommended contact:
Sjoerd Jans