Raw poultry

From whole birds to special cuts or various preparations, KappersFoods offers a full range of raw poultry products for food producers, food service companies and other food processing companies. Our sourcing activities in raw poultry can be divided into three categories:

  • Import

  • Export

  • EU

Import - raw poultry

One of our main activities focusses on the European market. We import large quantities of raw chicken breast from leading suppliers in Thailand, Brazil and Argentina. Because of our quota position we are able to offer quality products at competitive prices.

Export - raw poultry

We have two major export channels for our frozen, bone-in poultry. 1) From Europe for export to West Africa, Asia and other European countries. 2) From North and South America for cross trade to West Africa and Asia.

EU - raw poultry

In the EU, we are a well known supplier of fresh poultry, chicken parts and marinated chicken breast.


Our customers expect special care for top quality, fresh poultry products: maximising shelf life, short communication lines, just-in-time delivery, and a rapid response to changes are all key to successful cooperation.   

We work closely with our suppliers who assure top quality by using the latest equipment and quality assurance programmes. Different markets require different standards in animal welfare concepts, calibrations and packaging.

Chicken parts

From whole birds and breast caps to fillets, wings, thighs, legs and thigh meat – KappersFoods is happy to supply any of these. Consistency of quality is determined by following the correct cooling and maturisation processes.

We offer the same wide selection of packaging options as we do for our fresh products: vacpacked, map traypacked, IQF, honeycombe, piececounts or bulk... anything is possible.

Marinated chicken breast

We can also supply the foodservice market with marinated chicken breasts under our own brand or as a private label.

Recommended contact:
Sjoerd Jans