Pure Poultry: pure perfection

KappersFoods offers a wide assortment of cooked poultry products under our own brand: Pure Poultry. These products are sourced from the best accredited suppliers from all over the world, so that we can offer high quality poultry at the most competitive prices.

Why choose Pure Poultry?

Our customers prefer to choose Pure Poultry for several reasons. First, our customers’ increasingly stringent requirements for Pure Poultry products are carefully observed by our own QA department. Second, we are the preferred partner for a large network of suppliers which we source from. By sharing knowledge and market information and by working closely together, we are continuously able to deliver high standards, competitive prices and innovative products.

Pure Poultry product selection

In the Pure Poultry assortment we have various roasted, steam cooked, fried and coated chicken products such as:

  • Roasted chicken breast strips

  • Roasted chicken breast slices

  • Roasted chicken breast fillets (70-90g / 90-110g / 110-130g)

  • Roasted chicken inner fillets

  • Steam cooked chicken dices

  • Fried chicken breast skewers (12g / 50g / 80g / 100g)

  • Breaded chicken goujons

  • Breaded chicken fillets

  • Southern fried chicken goujons

  • Southern fried chicken fillets

  • Crispy shredded chicken

  • Crispy shredded chicken - Salt & Chili

Contact us today

If you would like to learn more about Pure Poultry and its products, visit our website www.purepoultry.nl or contact KappersFoods today and we will provide all the information you require.

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