KappersFoods has long been a leading, well-established and trusted source in the worldwide poultry industry. In 2000, after many customer inquiries and market changes, KappersFoods started exporting pork as well. Initially we only exported by-products to Asian and African markets. Soon, this was followed by the export of both fresh and frozen pork cuts to our customers in Eastern Europe and Asia.

reliable partner in pork

ver the years, KappersFoods has proven to be a reliable partner in pork. We have continued to expand our pork exports thanks to our growing knowledge of both product possibilities and market opportunities.

Our pork categories

KappersFoods’ pork product selection includes:

Competitive quality

We have established good relationships with our suppliers and customers enabling us to offer premium quality pork products at very competitive prices. Today, we offer all varieties of standard pork cuts and by-products, and can supply customised pork products and packaging.

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