When it comes to sourcing animal protein, cooked poultry is one of our core activities. Because of our strong quota position, we are able to source cooked poultry products from the best (GFSI) certified and specialised producers from China, Thailand and Brazil.

Our cooked poultry categories

KappersFoods' cooked poultry product selection includes:

  • Steam cooked: strips, dices, slices and fillets

  • Roasted: strips, dices, slices, fillets and inners

  • Fried: skewers

  • Coated: southern fried, goujons & popcorn, plain breaded fillets and goujons, battered chunks, nuggets and burgers

  • Yakitori: Thai Satay, Thai Hot Chili, Japanese soya breast meat, Japanese soya leg meat, BBQ and Hawaii

Taking control

At KappersFoods, we believe that taking control is the key to securing long-term relationships with our clients. That is why we have a dedicated QA team who audit our producers on a regular basis and an inhouse logistics team to ensure total reliability of delivery: we handle shipments when they arrive in the port, and take care of transportation directly to the customer or to our warehouse located in the centre of Holland. From there we can supply and redistribute our cooked poultry products from stock all over Europe.

Flexibility and reliability

As well as the products imported from Asia and South America, there is a wide range of European producers to choose from. These combined sources give our customers all the flexibility and reliability they need in a constantly changing market with increasing demands.

Private label possibilities

A broad selection of our cooked poultry products is available under our brand Pure Poultry. Other tailor-made solutions for cooked poultry products for your company's private label are always possible. Please contact KappersFoods to discuss the – nearly endless – possibilities.

Recommended contact:
Koen van der Locht