Asian foodservice products

Oriental food products are becoming more and more popular in Europe. It is no surprise that the consumer market for Asian foodservice products has been growing continuously over recent years. And KappersFoods has grown with it. Our European customers greatly appreciate our wide specialised assortment of Asian foodservice products.

Sourcing from:

KappersFoods sources it Asian foodservice products from many countries:

  • China: various precooked poultry products

  • Thailand: salted and unsalted chicken breast fillets and inners, Skyfood yakitoris and various other precooked poultry products

  • Brazil: salted and unsalted chicken breast fillets and inners

  • European Union: whole chicken grillers, whole hens, chicken thigh meat and marinated chicken breast

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Discover the possibilities

Our customers also value our Asian foodservice selections of roasted half duck, spring rolls and a range of pork products. To keep up with the latest trends, we continuously upgrade our product selection and embrace customer-led options. We can provide tailor-made solutions in product sizing, flavouring, packaging or, on request, we can offer all of these under your own brand.

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Sjoerd Jans