Mission and vision

Independent supplier

KappersFoods is part of the Lamex Food Group. This means we are supported by a worldwide network of over 55 experienced food traders operating from 18 Lamex offices in 14 countries. But more importantly, KappersFoods is still an independent supplier with its own mission and vision.

Our mission

We are a global, independent provider of animal protein which has achieved success by offering clients and producers certainty in terms of delivery reliability, acquisition, financing, results, quality and networks. KappersFoods is active in markets all over the world.

Our vision

KappersFoods’ goal is to play a leading role in the global animal protein market by providing certainty in a changing world. We do this by permanently investing in our global network, sharing knowledge and maximising our problem-solving ability to respond responsibly to change.

Our values

1. Reliable

Trust us: trust is the basis for everything we do. We go the extra mile both to earn that trust and to cultivate it for the long run. That’s why we have operated successfully in a global market for over 40 years.

2. Capable

At KappersFoods we like to work with outstanding employees and great suppliers. They are all enthusiastic masters of their trade who believe they are never too old to learn. We’re a reliable partner and like to invest in training to continuously improve our service for our customers.

3. Results driven

OK, we have to admit it... We find facts and figures very interesting. You know, those spreadsheets and graphs that anyone else would simply ignore; we study them carefully and try to unravel what they mean. Analytics gives us important and valuable feedback.

4. International

KappersFoods is familiar with the culture and customs of its markets all over the world. We know their traditions, conventions and also their specific habits. We see the whole world as a place to create win-win situations.

5. Personal

In a world controlled more and more by social media and digital devices, KappersFoods works that much harder on providing a personal, human and social approach. And for us, this also includes a good sense of humour!

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