Our history

KappersFoods was founded by the Dutch entrepreneur Bernard Kappers in 1978, and started out by exporting full container-loads of frozen whole birds from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom.

A period of growth

In the nineties, opportunities were identified and acted upon in Russia, Africa, the Far East and North and South America. The European domestic market also evolved, as did we and our partners. KappersFoods has grown to be a specialist in all fresh and frozen poultry, and other animal proteins such as pork and fish.

From challenge to opportunity

Our customers understand that we strive to maintain market share by importing and exporting on a global scale. Even during large-scale animal disease outbreaks, political changes, changes in trade legislations, currencies and even borders: we have always managed to convert challenges into opportunities.

The key

A personal approach, short lines of communication, experience and a positive business attitude have been key to the growth of KappersFoods over the years.

The past decade

As for the past decade, we have continued to invest in our business relationships, our knowledge and our organisation. We take pride in having thorough in-house training for all our staff, enabling them to grow and explore.


In 2017 KappersFoods became a proud member of the Lamex Food Group. Want to learn more about our history? Contact KappersFoods today!